Energya Technologies pty ltd has more than 25 years of extensive experience in the Power and Electricity Industry. Leading team is accredited from major international Contractors in the Fields.

Energya Technologies Pty Ltd is a Contactor and a Supplier to everything related to this Industry with a very Qualified Teams with International Accreditations and More than 20 Years of Practical Experience. Our company is affiliated with major Manufacturers and Providers from different parts of the World.

Energya Technologies Pty Ltd. works in, Supply, set up, maintenance and operating of Electric, Mechanical &Hydraulic systems

  1. High Tension Towers.
  2. Supply of all types of cables.
  3. Electric Control boards.
  4. Power Stations maintenance and supply.
  5. Generators (Supply, Set up & maintenance).
  6. Hydraulics systems.
  7. Electricity Distribution Transformers in Different Sizes

8. Power Cables of Different Types and Sizes

9.Solar Systems Supply , Installation and Maintenance

Energya Technologies Pty Limited has a good cooperation with manufacturing companies from Australia, Europe, India, China, USA and other countries.

10. Batching plant of mixers for concrete ( Supply,Operating and Maintaining ).

11.Training Courses in the Manufacturers Facilities.


Enrgya Technologies Pty Ltd has long professional experience in Supplying, Installing and Maintaining all kinds and capacities of Generators.
We supply Water- Cooled and Air-Cooled Generators from the best manufacturers around the World with best costs.
Our Company has a long experience in Supplying, Cummins , FG Wilson , Caterpillar and other types of Gensets of different sizes.
Our Company warrant our supplied Generators to a long period to make sure that our clients benefit better service.