Energya Technologies Pty Limited Works in the fields of Engineering, Trade, contracting , Consultancies ,and Commercial Agencies.

Oil And Gas Division

Energya Technologies Pty Ltd has acquired a long experience in this Industry with a very dedicated teams in different parts of the World.As well the company is closely working with manufacturers and service providers from all over the World.
Our Company Teams have a great experience in this Industry. We work with manufacturers of Tanks, Spheres, HeatExchangers, OilHeaters, Pipes, Refineries systems and Oil and Gas Equipment .

Power and Electricity Division

Energya Technologies Pty Ltd is a Contactor and a Supplier to everything related to this Industry with a very Qualified Teams with International Accreditations and More than 20 Years of Practical Experience. Our company is affiliated with major Manufacturers and Providers from different parts of the World.

Security Systems & Telecommunications Division

Energya Technologies Pty Ltd is a Turn Key Projects Provider. Our Teams are Certified from the UK, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, USA and CHINA. The company Teams has executed major projects in Different Countries and the Company is strongly affiliated with hose major supplier around the World for the best achievements.

Hospitals and Medical Devices & Systems Division

Energya Technologies Pty Ltd has a very good experience in Supply,Install, Maintain and Furnish all what Hospitals needs from Equipment, Devices, MedicalEquipments, Gensets, Chillers, Heat Exchangers, Operations Theater and related needs. With a great positive experience in different countries and with a very well affiliations with manufacturers from the USA, G.Britain, Europe, Australia, Asia and South America, our company became a trustful contractor.

Solar System and Renewable Energy

Energya Technologies Pty Ltd can Supply, Install and Maintain all kind of projects related to this Division. We are working with manufacturers and Suppliers around the World and our Teams are concentrating on executing Projects of Clean Energy. Health and Safety is our Aim.

Fire Fighting Systems and Material

Our company can serve all major Industries (Oil and Gas, Power , Hospitals..etc) with all related needs of the Fire and Safety Systems and Equipment of a very good quality. Our Teams and affiliated groups working with us are of high skills and experience. We supply, Install and Maintain .

Petroleum Exploration & Drilling

Energya Technologies Pty Ltd is working with a key suppliers and service providers from all over the World to serve this Industry.

Laboratory Equipment Division

Energya Technologies Pty Ltd can supply different kinds of Lab.Equipment to serve the Oil and Gas, Medical, Civil, Sectors and more with the best needs from a very rebuttable sources.