Energya Technologies Pty Ltd can supply different kinds of Lab.Equipment to serve the Oil and Gas, Medical, Civil, Sectors and more with the best needs from a very rebuttable sources.

Laboratory Equipment

This department is recognized by customers as one of the professional suppliers for laboratory & testing equipment used in the oil industry. The list of supplies include:-

1. Oil Testing Equipments Such as:

Flash Point Testers, Sulpher Testing Equipment,pour Point testers, Distillation Apparatus, Vapor Capacity testers …etc.

2. Water Testing Equipments Such as:

PH meters, Conductivity meters, Oxygen meters, Turbidity meters, Flow Meters …etc

3. Laboratory Instruments Such as:

Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, Infra-red spectrophotometers, Ultra Violet spectrophotometers, Atomic absorption spectrophotometers, CHN-Analyzer, X-Ray spectrometer.

4. Civil Engineering Test Equipment:

Aggregates /Rocks, Bituminous, Concrete, Cement, Steel, Soil