Energya Technologies Pty Ltd is a Turn Key Projects Provider. Our Teams are Certified from the UK, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, USA and CHINA. The company Teams has executed major projects in Different Countries and the Company is strongly affiliated with hose major supplier around the World for the best achievements.

We do (Supply, Install & Maintain).

  1. All types of Security Systems
  2. Hospital Equipment .
  3. Spare Parts for CCTV, Cameras, Blind Corner Mirrors, Hardware, Software and After Sales Service.
  4. Personal Security Equipment.
  5. Access Control Systems.
  6. GPS Systems.
  7. Different types of Telecommunication Systems &Devices
  8. S/P for Engineering Labs Tests + Substations.
  9. Tutorial Labs
  10. Civil Defense & Police Appliances Equipment.
  11. UHF/VHF and AVL Systems.
  12. Jammer Systems & Anti Explosive Systems
  13. AV Systems + Public Address Systems

As a pioneer in Information Technology, Energya Technologies Pty Limited. with its sisters Companies will be a major player in new Security Systems, Access Controls and Jammers Systems technology .

Energya Technologies Pty Limited supplies a variety of computer and communication equipment and supplies to the international bodies , Government agencies and private sector .

We supply & Install:

  • Turn –key hardware –software solution
  • Personal Computers and accessories
  • satellite internet links

Our services include :

  • Installation and maintenance of PCs .
  • Installation and maintenance of communication equipment.